Take a Bow cover!

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I’m beyond excited to finally be able to share the stunning (if I do say so myself, but I didn’t design it so I think I’m allowed to say it) cover of TAKE A BOW! Copy from Point/Scholastic: From the fantastic author of The Lonely Hearts Club and Prom & Prejudice comes a story of […]

No, Thank YOU Sir Paul!!

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Three years ago, I saw the greatest concert of my life: Sir Paul McCartney (read about that here). About two seconds after the concert ended, I thought, I must see him again. Then a couple months ago, I found out that not only was Sir Paul returning to NYC, he was going to be playing […]

Harry and Me

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On my very first day in publishing in April 1998 (yes, I was twelve), my new boss handed me an advance readers copy of a book that Scholastic was publishing in the fall that everybody really liked. At first I thought, “A boy wizard? Hmm, fantasy¬†really isn’t my thing.” But I went home that night […]

Falling for Hamlet giveaway AND Q&A with author Michelle Ray!

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Hello all! This past winter, I was given an Advance Reading Copy of Michelle Ray’s debut novel, Falling for Hamlet, a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s classic. I took it with me over the Christmas break when I was in Wisconsin where, thanks to a blizzard in NYC, I was stuck for five extra days (I […]

Lonely Hearts Club fun and an outtake!

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Hello all! Between all the awesome notes I’ve been getting from the Brazilian and Spanish release of LHC and the fact that I’ve been listening to the Beatles a lot lately (preparing to see Sir Paul McCartney next Friday, which happens to be my BIRTHDAY!), I thought it was time for me to post another […]