Ladies and Gentlemen… TAKE A BOW!

“Untitled Book #3” has a title: Take a Bow! The attendees at the NYPL’s Teen Author Night a couple weeks ago not only got to see me in the Pajants (see previous blog), but were the first to hear the title when my editor, the fabulous David Levithan, told me that I could reveal it (I didn’t believe him at first and I’m sure the audience thought I was insane for arguing with David about it!). It’s not like the title was some big secret, but for awhile I didn’t have a confirmed title, so I got used to calling it “Untitled Book #3.”

Take a Bow will be coming out in Spring 2012 from Point/Scholastic. The inspiration came from my love of music as a child and my obsession with performing arts high schools. I blame the movie Fame – the original – for my assumption growing up that high school kids regularly broke into song during lunch. I truly believe the world would be a better place if we lived in a musical. Have an issue? Dance it out!

As I started doing research on performing arts high schools, I realized how competitive they are. There’s one school that requires the students to re-audition every semester. How stressful would that be? Performing arts schools generally have longer school days and you’re constantly competing against your friends for roles or performance spots.  It got me thinking: What kind of strain would that put on relationships? Let’s face it, high school is stressful enough already.

Take a Bow takes place at the (fictional) New York City School of the Creative and Performing Arts and follows four students — trusting (and a little naïve) Emme, diva-in-training Sophie, reluctant frontman Ethan, and former child star Carter — as they prepare for the Senior Showcase recital, where recruits from colleges, dance academies, etc. scope out the graduating class. With the competition heating up, there is plenty of drama and backstabbing with a little humor and romance thrown in. After all, this IS high school.

I’m really looking forward to sharing more about the book with you (including the stunning cover) in the coming months. Until then, I’m going to try to stop thinking I’m going to get in trouble every time I say Take a Bow!

XO, Elizabeth

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14 Responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen… TAKE A BOW!”

  1. Amy says:

    Love the title! I’m looking forward to reading it!!

  2. Connie Onnie says:

    I don’t remember what I was watching but it was a musical. My older brother walked in and saw the look of pure joy on my face and asked “Connie do you wish life was a musical?” I responded with “I do, I really do.” If only right? Man I am really excited for Take a Bow, also the title of one of my favorite Muse songs.

  3. It was iTunes that helped me come up with the title! But the first “Take a Bow” that I came across was the Glee cover of Rihanna’s song (I went in alphabetical order by artist), but then I came across it for Madonna and Muse – that’s got to be a sign! :)

  4. I can’t wait! Prom&Prejudice is one of my favorite books/movie. And, so is Fame! I LOVE Fame. It was the first play I ever saw and I became obessed after that. I can’t wait to read this! :D

  5. Maya says:

    ah, I love it!!! I can’t wait to read it, but how come it won’t be out until 2012? o.0

  6. So glad everybody is excited! It’s not coming out until 2012 because we (my publisher and I) still have some work to do on it! It takes books awhile to come out even after the author finishes the last draft since the book itself needs to be copyedited, designed, marketed, printed… But I promise it’ll be worth the wait! :)

  7. Tricia R says:

    Congratulations, Elizabeth! So excited for this next book, as I am sure it will be just as or even more amazing than your last two! Great title– can’t wait to find out more.
    Hope all is well– You deserve it! :)


  8. xoxofrets says:

    can’t wait!eeek!

  9. Tonya says:

    Elizabeth, Congrats!
    Love, love, LOVE the premise!!!! Can not wait to read it!
    xo Tonya

  10. bob the builder says:


  11. Nicole says:

    Just finished reading it–my aunt is a librarian so she has me try out books a lot :) I’ve always wanted to live in NYC and go to an arts school, but sadly I don’t have the talent. It was a fantastic read! I ignored the family Christmas celebrations and read it in 2 hours! Thank you for such a splendid book. Any chance of a sequel?

  12. Thanks so much, Nicole! I’m so excited that you got to read it. I originally wrote an epilogue in the book that showed what happened to all of the characters after HS but we decided to not included. So I DO know what happens next to all of them so while I”m not planning a sequel, it could happen! :) XO

  13. Fallinghearts says:

    A sequal would be so cool!!! I loved reading this book :) its definitely my kind of book, espically since im an artsy person. I read the whole thing in only a couple of hours though, i wish i read it slower to make it last longer it was so good! :)