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The 2013 Holiday Card

December 30th, 2013

Hi everybody! Hope you had a fabulous holiday, whatever you celebrate! I returned from ten days in Wisconsin and think I’m still in a food coma (so much cheese….). It wasn’t until sweet Britta reminded me that I realized that I hadn’t posted my holiday card this year. Not to brag, but last year’s was pretty epic, so I knew there was no way to top it (click here to see past years). So I decided to not even bother. Luckily, I got to travel to some sweet places this year so was able to make a (lame) joke about being too busy. But then again, I’m in the middle of working on TWO different books projects (the already announced sequel to The Lonely Hearts Club and a secret project). 

So here you go! 



Also, yesterday’s INSANE Packers game and my flight home made me forget that yesterday was The Lonely Hearts Club‘s FOURTH anniversary! Can’t believe I’ve been a published author for four years. Thank YOU for making my dreams come true. Hope everybody has a WONDERFUL 2014!

XOXO, Elizabeth

Guest Post: The Apple of Amy Spalding’s eye in INK IS THICKER THAN WATER

December 2nd, 2013

Hello everybody! Tomorrow is the release day of a fab new book by Amy Spalding, INK IS THICKER THAN WATER. I was lucky enough to get to read the book early and as Beyonce once sang, “If you liked it than you shoulda put a blurb on it.” (That is how the song goes, right?)

Ink - Final Cover

There’s so much I loved about INK IS THICKER THAN WATER: the characters, the humor, the cute boys (obvi), and THE APPLE.  While reading Amy’s fab book, I actually got up and went to my computer to Google this movie that she puts in the book because I thought it was fictional. But it was not. And now I’m obsessed with it, but refuse to actually watch it until I can do so with Amy. So while I look-up flights to LA, Amy is going to introduce you to possibly the best worst movie ever. 

Take it away, Amy!

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for having me on her blog! Elizabeth and I met at the L.A. Times Festival of Books earlier this year, where we quickly determined we were basically the same person, particularly our passionate feelings about karaoke.

But I digress!

I included lots of things I love in Ink Is Thicker than Water, like restaurants I love in my hometown of St. Louis, mid-1960s music (especially The Hollies’ “Bus Stop”), and tattoos, but none of these can really compete with The Apple.

The Apple is a movie musical from 1980, but that makes it sound straightforward and normal, and, seriously? Nothing about The Apple is normal or straightforward.

I’m a huge fan of musicals and of bad movies (if you haven’t seen Nic Cage’s The Wicker Man, you’re only hurting yourself) and yet I’d never even heard of The Apple, until several years ago. A roommate arrived back from a showing at The New Beverly theater, all but unable to describe what she’d seen. She best described it as “a disco rock musical about the dangers of disco rock set in the futuristic world of…1994″. She bought the DVD and forced the entire household to watch it.

And I’m so, so glad I did.

The Apple is the story of Alphie and Bibi, two “naive” (“naive” always means “stupid” in summaries, doesn’t it?) kids from Moose Jaw, Canada, who just want to be successful singers. When they cause competition for the evil music executive-slash-metaphorical-or-literal devil Mr. Boogalow, he recruits them into his “dark” “underworld”, and eventually Boogalow takes over the…world?…with his government mandated music breaks. Thank god for a clever group of hippies and their leader, who arrives with one of my favorite deus ex machinas ever. EVER.


Take a look at the trailer.

Well, this sounds bad, right? Maybe REALLY BAD? But the thing about The Apple isn’t just that it’s bad. It’s so magnificently, mind-blowingly awful that it circles back around to being awesome. Every moment is either entertaining or hilariously confusing, and I must admit that I…I kind of love it.

Nathan Rabin over at the AV Club said, “The peculiar genius of The Apple is that every time it appears that the film cannot get any crazier, it ratchets up the weirdness to almost indescribable levels.”

Take the title song, which features perhaps my favorite set of of lyrics in music history: “It’s a natural, natural desire/Meet an actual, actual vampire.”

Here’s a song which is a great example of how heavy-handed metaphors can seem. PS This little ditty about speed gets stuck in my head on a fairly regular basis.

Seriously, despite how I’m compiling these clips to show you guys what an insanely terrible movie The Apple is, all I’m filled with is…a compelling desire to watch it again, and soon. Elizabeth, when are you coming over??

I’m on my way, Amy! 

Thanks so much to Amy for stopping by and please be sure to pick-up INK IS THICKER THAN WATER, you won’t be disappointed. And visit Amy  online at www.theamyspalding.com or on Twitter @theames - she gives good tweets!

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! XOXO, Elizabeth


November 12th, 2013

Dear readers, I’m beyond excited that I can finally shout it from the rooftops: I’M WRITING A SEQUEL TO THE LONELY HEARTS CLUBS!!! It was announced today in Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf:

David Levithan at Scholastic has purchased North American rights to Elizabeth Eulberg’s We Can Work It Out, a sequel to The Lonely Hearts Club. In addition, Eulberg will write three short stories about Penny Lane Bloom to be released online prior to the sequel, in which Penny Lane must balance her role as leader of The Lonely Hearts Club with having a boyfriend – with the added complications of her Beatles-obsessed parents trying to take over her sister’s wedding and a run-in with the ex that broke her heart. Publication is planned for spring 2015; Rosemary Stimola at Stimola Literary Studio brokered the deal.  

For months I’ve had to bite my tongue and say things like, “Well hopefully someday I’ll write the sequel…” when in fact I’ve been working on it! Now I don’t have to hide this awesome news anymore. YAY!

But I also know this announcement might raise some questions, so I’m going to do my best to answer them.

Why do we have to wait until Spring 2015? That’s so far off!

Yes, it is. But I’m still writing the book. I’ve been waiting years to be able to tell the continuing story of Penny Lane Bloom and her Lonely Hearts Club so I want to take my time writing the book that my wonderful readers deserve. Plus, you don’t have to wait that long for another book by me: Better Off Friends is coming February 25th!

Three short stories? What does that mean? What will they be about?

I’m writing three original short stories that will be published electronically FOR FREE prior to the release of We Can Work it Out. I can’t say much about the stories yet (since I haven’t written them!), but will announce more details when I can.

I live outside the US, when will I get to read We Can Work it Out and the short stories?

Here’s the short answer: I don’t know.

Here’s the long answer: I’m still writing the book. This is basically how foreign releases work: The author writes the book and works with her editor, then the book is shared with foreign publishers who decide if they want to publish the book and when it will be published. I’m really hoping the foreign publishers of The Lonely Hearts Club will want We Can Work it Out (and the short stories), but it isn’t up to me. As soon as I have information on foreign release dates, I’ll share it, but it won’t be for awhile as I’m still writing the book (do you see a theme here?). 


I know. But don’t forget about BETTER OFF FRIENDS! Which has an awesome new-ish cover! (Foreign release dates for Better Off Friends to be announced when I get them, but it will be out in Spanish and German languages with others hopefully to follow.)

Better Off Friends front

That’s all I can really say on THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB SEQUEL at this point. There’ll be much more information closer to the release date.

I do want to thank all of you who have asked me about a sequel over the years. It’s been a dream of mine to write it, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support you’ve given me and Penny Lane these past few years. Thank you for wanting me to write more – I’ve got the best job in the world and it’s because of readers like you.

Now back to writing We Can Work it Out! Believe me when I say Penny needs my help…

XOXO, Elizabeth


August 28th, 2013

Hello all! I’m beyond excited to share with you the awesome cover for BETTER OFF FRIENDS* (coming February 25, 2014 – mark your calendars!).

Better Off Friends front

AND! Here’s the description of the book (from Point/Scholastic):

For Macallan and Levi, it was friends at first sight. Everyone says guys and girls can’t be just friends, but these two are. They hang out after school, share tons of inside jokes, their families are super close, and Levi even starts dating one of Macallan’s friends. They are platonic and happy that way.

Eventually they realize they’re best friends — which wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t keep getting in each other’s way. Guys won’t ask Macallan out because they think she’s with Levi, and Levi spends too much time joking around with Macallan, and maybe not enough time with his date. They can’t help but wonder . . . are they more than friends or are they better off without making it even more complicated?

From romantic comedy superstar Elizabeth Eulberg comes a fresh, fun examination of a question for the ages: Can guys and girls ever really be just friends? Or are they always one fight away from not speaking again — and one kiss away from true love?

I CANNOT wait for this book to be out. While I’m proud of all my books, I’m especially proud of this one. My editor thinks it’s my best yet, and I kinda trust his opinion, being David Levithan and all… 

And to my lovely foreign language readers, I’m happy to report that I’ve already signed contracts for BETTER OFF FRIENDS to come out in GERMAN and SPANISH, with hopefully more languages to follow. While I don’t have any information on when the book will be out in Germany, Spain, and Latin America, I promise to share when I do!

Oh, and I am going to require you all to now only refer to me as “romantic comedy superstar Elizabeth Eulberg” – Scholastic has declared it and it shall be so. Just like Sir Paul McCartney or Dame Helen Mirren. KIDDING!

I hope everybody enjoys the last dwindling days of summer (for those who haven’t gone back to school yet). I’m sending you all lots of love. Can it be February 25th already?

XOXO, Elizabeth

*I updated this post to show the new, final cover – hope you love it!

My 2013 reads so far!

July 17th, 2013

Hello everybody! My apologies for being MIA on my blog. That usually means that I’m busy traveling or writing. I hope people will be happy to learn that it’s the latter. I’ve been busy working on two different books (that’s in addition to Better Off Friends which is coming in March 2014). One of the books is something that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, so I’m doing that during my “free time” and not sure what will come of it. The other book is one that I’m pretty much bursting at the seams to tell you all about, but unfortunately I have to wait on that… 

I’ve also been busy reading some great books. As those of you who follow my blog may remember, I did a reading challenge last year. I didn’t make a resolution to read fifty books again, but did decide to keep track just for fun. 

I did want to single out a few books. There are two books on writing that I read to help me with the one project that’s very different from what I’ve done in the past: See Jane Write and Save the Cat. I’ve never read any “craft” books before and both were extraordinarily helpful. Save the Cat basically changed how I approached this one story. There’s a “beat sheet” used in the book and I used that to replot the book and it helped make it so much better (I hope!). I highly recommend it to anybody out there who is stuck plot-wise or just needs to re-focus.

Also, there are two books on this list that haven’t come out yet. Two Boys Kissing, by my dear friend and editor David Levithan, is just as inspiring and beautiful as you’d expect his books to be. And readers with a good eye will see why I FREAKED OUT in public while reading this one scene. That’s all I’ll say, for now. The other book is by debut author Emery Lord, Open Road Summer. I was asked to read this for a possible blurb, and I absolutely loved it and was honored to do so. Put this author and book on your radar now!

So below are the twenty books that I’ve read so far. I’m actually not that far away from where I was last year so I might just make it to fifty yet. Who knows! Crazier things have happened, like me trying to write two books at once!

  1. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl*
  2. Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
  3. Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick
  4. The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson
  5. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare*
  6. Just One Day by Gayle Foreman
  7. Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers by Dav Piley
  8. Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys
  9. All You Never Wanted by Adele Griffin
  10. See Jane Write: A Girl’s Guide to Writing Chick Lit by Sarah Mlynowski and Farrin Jacobs
  11. Save the Cat by Blake Snyder
  12. Invisibility by Andrea Cremer and David Levithan
  13. Bond Girl by Erin Duffy
  14. Legend by Marie Lu*
  15. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg
  16. Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
  17. Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
  18. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by EL Konigsburg*
  19. Open Road Summer by Emery Lord (coming April 15, 2014)
  20. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan (coming August 27, 2013)

 *denotes book club book

I’m currently reading Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walters, then I have to debate between my insanely huge to-read pile. What’s on your to-read list?

XOXO, Elizabeth

Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality e-cards!

April 7th, 2013

Hello readers! I hope your spring is starting off on a shiny new track. I’ve been a bit under the weather since I got back from my vacation in Paris and London, but hey, I got to go to Paris and London so no complaints here!

As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, my publisher did these fabulous e-cards for Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality. I thought I’d put them all up in one place for you to see (and share – feel free to copy and put up wherever!). 

(I wouldn’t mind if there was a guide for Clueless Adult Girls!)

And my personal favorite (and my favorite chapter header):

Oh how much I laughed when I came up with that one. I crack myself up sometimes!

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoy the e-cards (and the book!). 

XOXO, Elizabeth

The EPIC Great Personality post!

February 28th, 2013

When I sat down to write Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality, I wanted to “take back” the “great personality” label. While on the surface it’s a compliment, it has gotten a reputation of being code for a girl who is “fat and ugly,” because if the first thing you mention about someone is how great their personality is, they can’t possibly be beautiful (so NOT true!). I want people (young girls especially) to be proud to have a great personality! There are so many times when we don’t feel enough: pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, etc. But you ARE enough. 

So  This is Teen, Girl’s Life, and I declared today Great Personality Day! We went to Twitter to talk about having a great personality, and I even asked some of my author friends to lend a hand. The response was INCREDIBLE! I got a little teary (okay, I sobbed) by how much awesome there was out there for girls with great personalities. Below is a sample of some of the great tweets from the day. This girl who has been labeled as having a great personality is so honored to be in such GREAT company! 

Words of wisdoms from fabulous author friends:

“A #GreatPersonality can come right over here and sit down next to me, any time.” - Terra Elan McVoy

“I don’t need heels. My #GreatPersonality elevates me perfectly well.” - Marie Rutkoski

“Having a great personality means never EVER apologizing for being the incredible person you truly are.” - Jen Calonita

“Having a #GreatPersonality means never pretending to be something you’re not. Cthulhu has a #GreatPersonality.” – Michael Northrop

“It’s harder to maintain a #GreatPersonality than a 6 pack. That’s my excuse.” - John Corey Whaley

“Good looks sometimes get you in the door, but a #GreatPersonality means you’re always welcome to stay!” - Melissa Walker

“#GreatPersonality tip: Always have chocolate in the house, in case a friend in need stops by.” - Aimee Friedman

“A #GreatPersonality can talk about more than one thing. And, is often also a really good listener.” - Terra Elan McVoy

“If I had a color for every guy who says he cares more about a #GreatPersonality than anything, I would have a rainbow.” - Lindsey Leavitt

“A #GreatPersonality = how discretely you tell your friend if there’s lettuce in her teeth or toilet paper stuck to her shoe.” - Adele Griffin

“A #GreatPersonality doesn’t require creams or tucks to maintain a beautifully long shelf life. My grandma was proof of that!” - Lindsey Leavitt 

“A #GreatPersonality = being fun, interesting, and authentic.” - Marissa Meyer

“Having a #GreatPersonality means being who you are no matter what others say. Work it. Own it. Let your freak flag flap in the breeze.” - Susane Colasanti

“A #GreatPersonality will never develop spontaneous cellulite.” - Ally Carter

“With #GreatPersonality comes great responsibility.” - Stephanie Perkins

“A #GreatPersonality is on hand with chocolate, wine, hugs, a shoulder, and/or cheesy movies. They always know which one(s) you need.” - Victoria Schwab

“A #GreatPersonality is both more important and more affordable than a Keratin treatment or gel nails.” – Tonya Hurley

“A #GreatPersonality only gets better with age.” - Abby McDonald

“A trademark of a #GreatPersonality is to not engage The Crazy. Or to be The Crazy.” – Myra McEntire

“A #GreatPersonality does not require expensive eye cream.” – Jennifer Jabaley

“A #GreatPersonality is why a boy wants to stay on the phone with you alllllllllll night long.” – Siobhan Vivian

“You know you’ve got a #GreatPersonality when you go under-appreciated in high school.” - Jackson Pearce

“A #GreatPersonality does not get frizzy…. EVER.” - Lynn Weingarten

“Let your #GreatPersonality shine! The world is often a dark place and needs the light of great people!” - Lisa Schroeder 

“Have the courage to be yourself. No one else will ever be able to pull it off. You are extraordinary.” - Andrea Cremer

“Some are born with #GreatPersonality, some achieve #GreatPersonality, and some have #GreatPersonality thrust upon them in @ElizEulberg’s novel” - Alexander London

I was so excited to have some of my favorite people/authors participate and then they turned it on me. Was TOTALLY feeling the love – right back at all of you! 

“Having a #GreatPersonality means writing an amazing book & promoting it in a positive way. @ElizEulberg has a #GreatPersonality.” - Michael Northrop

“Having a #GreatPersonality gets you lots of hugs and high fives. Especially from @ElizEulberg” – John Corey Whaley

“During a group signing in NYC, I was hella-nervous, but @ElizEulbergwas kind, funny & made it all better. Now THAT’s a #GreatPersonality.” – Kim Harrington
“I was a shy noob & @ElizEulberg didn’t have to be so nice, but she was. I will always appreciate that. Not just on #GreatPersonality day. :) – Kim Harrington

“Reason #234 to have a #GreatPersonality  is you get to know people like @ElizEulberg who wrote REVENGE OF THE GIRL WITH THE GREAT PERSONALITY.” – Alexander London

“You know who doesn’t have a #GreatPersonality? Babycakes:http://bit.ly/YKFqDA  You know who DOES have a #GreatPersonality? @ElizEulberg.” – Michelle Hodkin

My fab publisher, Scholastic, put together Great Personality tips from famous literary characters:

Anne Shirley: Stand up for yourself. Especially if someone calls you Carrots or misspells your name.

Mary Poppins: There’s no such thing as a bag that’s too big.

Lizzie Bennet: Say no sometimes. Especially to a man who has behaved particularly priggishly.

Lizzie Bennet, #2: Always admit it when you’re wrong. First impressions AREN’T everything.

Hermoine Granger: You’re always right. Don’t let your friends forget it! 

Hermoine Granger, #2: You can be smart AND pack a punch. It’s cool, don’t worry.

Hermoine Granger, #3: Punctuality is next to godliness. And yes, you CAN be in two places at once.

Mia Thermopolis: Always give yourself enough time to get dressed. It’s harder than you think.

I had to include one from Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality’s Lexi: Don’t settle. In live, in love, or for a silly crown when you’re worth so much more.

Author Michael Northrop also got into the spirit and tweeted: “Luna Lovegood’s #GreatPersonality tip: Reassure friends they’re “just as sane” as you are. #evenwhenthatisnotveryreassuring” 

Great Personality tips from Girls’ Life:

Strike up a convo with a quiet classmate

Promise 30 mins of QT to your little sis. You remember how to play Barbies, right?

Slip a sweet note into your bestie’s locker

Call your grandparents just to say hi

Bring two treats to lunch—one for you, and one for your crush

Sign up for club at school that gives back to your community

Sign up for your school’s talent show with your BFFs. Don’t be afraid to show off your silly side

Pick up your sick friend’s missed schoolwork and drop it off with thermos of her fave soup 

Try on every lipgloss at the makeup counter until you find one that makes you feel amazing

From Twitter friends:

“Charisma, attitude, call it what you want; #GreatPersonality it’s the best weapon to face everything. Be proud and happy to have it.” - Daniela Bermudez

“Great minds may think alike, but girls with a #GreatPersonality think for themselves.” - Mary H.

“Being a girl w/ a #GreatPersonality is embracing who you are, quirks and all. It’s what makes you awesome” – Caitie F

“A #GreatPersonality can make a ‘normal’ or ‘ordinary’ person really beautiful.” – Kat Werner

“A #GreatPersonality means you are true to yourself without bringing others down.” – M. Reynolds

“Not letting the behavior and opinions of others determine your self worth.” - Suzanne Sullivan

“Don’t try to be anyone but yourself but DO try to be the best YOU! You’re one of a kind. Embrace it. Own it. “ – Tonya Kuper

Of course, I had to get a few thoughts in as well!

Having a #GreatPersonality doesn’t require expensive beauty products or trendy clothes, it’s all about being your awesome self.

Beauty fades, trends change, but #GreatPersonality lives forever.

Having a #GreatPersonality is way better than being boring.

If someone tells you that you have a #GreatPersonality that means you’re funny, clever, and amazing. Who WOULDN’T want that?

Tip for having a #GreatPersonality: Be true to yourself. You are awesome just the way you are.

Thank you so all who participated, especially my GREAT author friends. What a GREAT day!

 XOXO, Elizabeth

February 28th is #GreatPersonality Day!

February 27th, 2013

Hello all! Mark your calendars! To celebrate the release of Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality, This is Teen, Girls’ Life, and I are declaring Thursday, February 28th #GreatPersonality Day on Twitter!

What does this mean? All day long on Thursday, I’ll be posting (along with some author friends) thoughts on having a #GreatPersonality. Girls’ Life will also be asking you to share some of your tips and traits. Be sure to follow me, This is Teen, and Girls’ Life on Twitter and use the #GreatPersonality hashtag. I’ll also be picking my favorite tweets and putting them in one EPIC #GreatPersonality blog post later this week!

But that’s not all! At 6pm EST, I’ll be doing an exclusive Twitter interview with Girls’ Life AND a Twitter chat to answer YOUR questions! Girls’ Life will also be giving out signed copies of Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality during the chat.

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on having a #GreatPersonality and answering your questions. It should be a GREAT day!

XOXO, Elizabeth

Win Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality!

February 15th, 2013

Hello all! Here’s the blog giveaway for Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE RULES BELOW BEFORE POSTING. Thanks!

I’m giving away one signed, personalized copy of the book this weekend right here on my blog! It’s very simple, just post a comment below. But if you’d like to answer a question, I’d love to hear what books you’ve read lately that you’re excited about. Please note, this isn’t a way to get you to say nice things about my books! :) I’ve got lots of traveling coming up and love getting suggestions of what books to read!

Please note, if this is the first time you’re commenting on my blog, I’ll need to approve your comment before it appears (thanks spammers!). I’ll be checking my comment queue every few hours so please be patient – I will approve it! 

RULES: One entry per person. US only. One winner will be chosen from random on Sunday, February 17th at 6pm EST. The winner will have 48 hours to get back to me before a secondary winner is selected.

TWITTER TRIVIA CONTEST UPDATE! As I previously mentioned, I’ll be doing a giveaway next weekend on Twitter. I had to change the time on Friday as I’ll be flying out that evening. So please see below for the dates and times that I’ll be posting the trivia question to Twitter. First person who gets it right wins!

Friday, February 22 at 6pm ESTThe Lonely Hearts Club trivia question

Saturday, February 23 at 2pm ESTProm & Prejudice trivia question

Sunday, February 24 at 6pm ESTTake a Bow trivia question

That’s it! GOOD LUCK! XOXO, Elizabeth

***CONTEST CLOSED*** Thanks to all who entered! 

Attention Spanish readers!!

February 2nd, 2013

Dear Spanish readers, first: YOU ROCK! Second: I’m so sorry this isn’t in Spanish. My spanish speaking skills aren’t the best, so hopefully you’ll either be able to understand this or use an online translator. I’ll make it short and simple!

I’ve gotten lots of questions about when Take a Bow will be in your area and I’ve got an update for you all! Most importantly, Take a Bow‘s Spanish title and cover are:

Del material del que estan hechos los sueunos is now available in Spain with the following countries to follow:

APRIL: Colombia

MAY: Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Salvador, Mexico, Peru, y Paraguay

JUNE: Argentina

That is all the information that I have at this time. I don’t know when or if Prom & Prejudice or Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality will be available in Spanish, but I’ll tweet, Facebook, blog, etc when I do. I also don’t have any other foreign country release information. BUT! I hope that this does answer questions for you Spanish readers.

I also want to take this time to thank you all so much. Never did I think my books would be read, period. But for them to be embraced in different countries and languages is amazing. I hear from Spanish readers more than any other, you hold a special place in my heart.