Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality e-cards!

Posted on Apr 7, 2013 in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Hello readers! I hope your spring is starting off on a shiny new track. I’ve been a bit under the weather since I got back from my vacation in Paris and London, but hey, I got to go to Paris and London so no complaints here!

As you may have seen on Twitter and Facebook, my publisher did these fabulous e-cards for Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality. I thought I’d put them all up in one place for you to see (and share – feel free to copy and put up wherever!). 

(I wouldn’t mind if there was a guide for Clueless Adult Girls!)

And my personal favorite (and my favorite chapter header):

Oh how much I laughed when I came up with that one. I crack myself up sometimes!

That’s it for now! Hope you enjoy the e-cards (and the book!). 

XOXO, Elizabeth


  1. Natalí
    April 8, 2013

    Truly love them, they are all so cool!
    I hope the book gets published in spanish! *fingers crossed*

    • Elizabeth Eulberg
      April 9, 2013

      Me too! I’ll post information when I have any news! :)

  2. Yoana
    April 15, 2013

    I am waiting for my package :3 (I order Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality from abroad :p Can’t hardly wait >///<

    • Yoana
      April 15, 2013

      Oh, and yes, you are my awesome inspiring writer >///< <3

      • Elizabeth Eulberg
        April 15, 2013

        Thanks, Yoana! I hope you like it and that it’ll be worth the wait! XO