What Authors Have NO Control Over

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Hello dear readers! I hope you’re having a great summer. I’m currently awaiting a few projects to come back to me so I have that rare week with no deadline (in case you’re wondering why I’m doing something as crazy as writing a blog post!).  I’ve noticed that, more often than not, my replies to […]

Behind the Book, Part 4: Editing

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I’d acquired a publisher, and now the majority of the work was done, right?  HA!  Nope.  Not even close.  Then came the editing of the book. But Elizabeth, didn’t you do a bunch of editing of the book prior to getting a publisher? Yes, I did.  But now I had to work with my editor at […]

Behind the Book, Part 3: The Publisher

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Now it’s time to secure a publisher. I had an agent and a manuscript (MS) suitable for submission to publishing houses.  Now, we needed to find the best house to publish The Lonely Hearts Club.  The agent determines which editors at which houses would be the best fit for a MS.  For example, if an editor […]

Behind the Book, Part 2: The Agent

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Once you have your manuscript in the best possible shape, it is time to find a literary agent.  I don’t think I can properly relate how important it is to have an agent.  First, many publishing houses do not accept unsolicited manuscripts – these are manuscripts sent to publishers directly from authors.  Second, an agent […]

Behind the Book, Part 1

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Welcome to my blog!  I’ve been debating the topic for my very first post.  There are certainly many random things I could discuss (and believe me, I will discuss some pretty random things)…  But for my first blog, I thought I’d start with writing.  I’ve been in the publishing industry for over ten years and […]