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Greetings from Portage, Wisconsin! A very important event happened during the craziness of Take a Bow‘s release: my dad turned 75! While his birthday is technically April 13th, he postponed his birthday party because one of his children couldn’t make it. (That would be me, but I had a blast in Texas…just ask Peeta!)

I flew directly from Houston to Wisconsin just in time to make it to my dad’s birthday party.

With the birthday boy!

The yummy birthday cake!

Since I was in town, my old high school asked me to come and speak. At first I was a little nervous, going back to high school? Yikes! But then I realized that the high school is in a different building than back when I went, so it almost didn’t feel like my high school. One of the first things I saw upon my arrival were all these adorable flyers promoting my visit:

This made me feel fancy.

Then I arrived in the library (now called the iCenter). My mom was my high school librarian and retired five years ago. She accompanied me today and it meant a lot for me to share this with her. I did notice that the library had a certain yearbook on display and it was opened to my senior high school photo. And since I have no problem embarrassing myself, please enjoy a seventeen year old Elizabeth:

Hey, it was the 90s.

I HAD A BLAST! I first did a writing workshop for about twenty students first, and one of them was already published — impressive! Then I moved to the auditorium to give a larger talk. The students ROCKED. They were so supportive and kept applauding me AND my mom. Seriously, anytime I mentioned my mom, they clapped for her. It was very, very sweet.

With my mom at Portage High School – go Warriors!

The students had such great questions as well. I got to meet with a bunch of them afterwards while I signed books. It’s always great to talking with people who are so excited about reading and writing, especially ones from my hometown.  And I got a little teary when I went by the PHS Hall of Fame as both my dad and grandfather have been inducted.

My granddad, who passed away when I was 3.

I’m very proud to be from Portage. So it seems that you can go home again.

I want to thank everybody who came out in Texas and here in Wisconsin. I’ve been blown away by the response to Take a Bow – it really means the world to me. After my Portage Public Library event this evening, my mom and I are off to Chicago for an event tomorrow at Anderson’s in Naperville, then I’m home for a week, before heading off to Boston, Atlanta, and Nashville. Looking forward to even more adventures on the road, hopefully will less embarrassing photos.

XO, Elizabeth


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  1. Mandi
    April 24, 2012

    Remember when people would get their H.S photos with the lazer backgrounds? Dang, we thought that was cool!

    Or the fact that they made about 75% of us seniors pose with us looking up and over our shoulders. What were we supposed to looking at in that photo anyway? Our future? Spare me! I was told look at a boudoir photo of a woman on a far wall wrapped in a curtain, then asked to imagine that I was starring into the eyes of the most amazing man in the world…

    As if! I was starring at a WOMAN! NOT NICK CARTER! I wasn’t able to get into character for that and it showed.

    • Elizabeth Eulberg
      April 24, 2012

      I’m just glad I didn’t go with the photo of me in hot pink. Probably wouldn’t have shared that one.

  2. Robin Kvalo, PHS Principal
    April 24, 2012

    Thank you Elizabeth for your work with our students today. They loved your sense of humor, approach to the writing process and shared stories. For many, you have planted a seed that may sprout well beyond this day. Best wishes for continued success and come back to your alma mater anytime.

    • Elizabeth Eulberg
      April 25, 2012

      Thanks so much, Robin! Had a complete blast and loved meeting your students! XO

  3. jeff wiessinger
    April 27, 2012

    Elizabeth- I miss your presentation in Portage. I know you had a positive impact on our kids. It is great to give them a role model such as yourself. Many people who have walked the halls of PHS have went on to great success. You are one more great example for our kids. Hopefully they will follow your example. Again, sorry I missed you. You make us all very proud.


  4. Alexis
    May 4, 2012

    It was great seeing you again Elizabeth. 🙂 I was wondering if you wanted to check out this blog post about your book signing in Portage…

    • Elizabeth Eulberg
      May 4, 2012

      Hi Alexis!! It was so great seeing you again and meeting Kayleigh! Loved your blog post. I’m sure I’ll see you again for the next book (at least I hope so)!! XO