Past Perfect Life pre-order, events, and more!

Hello all! Can you believe I’m writing a blog post? Me either!! There’s so much going on with PAST PERFECT LIFE—my first young adult novel in over two years!!!—that I didn’t want anybody to miss a thing. If you want to know more about the book and read a chapter, head over to the PAST PERFECT LIFE book page.

First, I have a newsletter now! So if you want to get news, exclusive content, and other fun stuff delivered to your inbox, sign up below (please note you will get an e-mail to confirm your subscription so be sure to check your spam folder!). I promise to not flood your inbox. I’m planning on only sending about four a year. And since this December marks the ten year anniversary of The Lonely Hearts Club I am noodling an idea to do something very cool for my newsletter subscribers…

PAST PERFECT LIFE comes out on July 9th and one of the best ways you can support a book and author is to pre-order the book. Why? It lets publishers and bookseller know you’re interested in a book and can effect the orders and placement of a book—and more! PLUS, if you pre-order PAST PERFECT LIFE you get free stuff!!!


Yes! Pre-order PAST PERFECT LIFE and you get a SIGNED bookplate and a very cool lenticular bookmark! Details and entry form are here. (And, no pressure, but my birthday is around the release so pre-ordering would be the BEST birthday present EVER!)

I’m also hitting the road with some awesome authors! Details on my EVENTS page. If you can’t make an event, you can contact the bookstore to get a personalize book and I’ll even throw in one of the bookmarks! Hope to see you out there!


One last thing! I don’t have any foreign release information for PAST PERFECT LIFE at this time. I wish I did. Unfortunately, foreign editions and release dates are not up to me. But I’ll be sure to announce information when I do (another reason to sign-up for my newsletter which will be in English AND Spanish!)

PAST PERFECT LIFE is my eighth young adult novel. I have no idea how I got here. But I DO know that I couldn’t have done it without the support of amazing readers like YOU! Thank you so much for letting me live this dream, I will NEVER take it for granted.

XOXO, Elizabeth

Monterrey and Mexico City events--UPDATED!

Hola mi lectores de Mexico! Did I say that right? Probably not. I think it's supposed to be mis lectores... ANYWAYS, as you can tell, I'm going to do this post in English so I don't say anything wrong! I am SO EXCITED to be coming back to Mexico, this time to Monterrey and Mexico City. (I'm sorry I won't be back to Guadalajara this year or anywhere else in Mexico, but there's always next year!) I wanted to put all the event information all in one place. So here you go!



There WILL be a book signing after my presentation!

For more information about the festival, visit their website here.




QUESTIONS: I've been getting a lot of questions online about pictures and how many books I'll be signing. It all depends on how many people are at the events and how much time I have. I'm pretty sure pictures will happen and I can sign at least one book (I may or may not be able to personalize the book). I'm sorry I can't say for sure, but we won't know until we get there and I want to get to every single person! But I do need to ask for everybody to be nice to the people making the rules--they are the reason that I get to come to Mexico, so let's be sure to keep them happy! ;)

That's all the information that I have. So there you go! See you VERY SOON, Mexico!


Gracias a Peru!

IMG_5145 Peru, Peru, Peru... Where do I even begin?

I have so many feelings and thoughts about my visit that I needed to do a blog post to properly convey my gratitude. (Sorry that this is in English, but I have so much I want to say, I want to make sure I say it right!)

First, THANK YOU for supporting my books. I've heard from many of my Peruvian readers through the years and I was so excited when I was invited to come to FIL Lima. THANK YOU for coming out to see me. THANK YOU for waiting in such a long line to get your book signed. THANK YOU for the gifts and letters (I read each one and ATE ALL THE CANDY). THANK YOU for being so sweet and wonderful. Every single person I met in Peru was so nice and helpful. THANK YOU for putting up with my horrible Spanish.

Second, you surprised us! Both my wonderful publisher, Penguin Random House Peru, and the US Embassy in Peru were blown away with how many people came to my event. At first they thought, maybe 200 people would come, then it was 400. The day of the event, we guessed maybe 600 people would come. THEN OVER 800 PEOPLE CAME TO SEE ME! I have never and I mean NEVER had that many people come hear me ever. THANK YOU!

Crowd waiting outside the room where I was speaking.

These are two of my favorite videos from that day: This cute reader video shows the circle that had to be formed around me when I had to go to the bathroom--nothing like letting hundreds of people know you have to pee! And this is a fun behind-the-scenes look at my day, thanks to Entre Paginas!

Third, I guess this is where I need to apologize. I'm very sorry people had to wait so long in line to get their book signed. And when you finally got up to see me, I could only sign one book and just sign my name. Believe me, I SAW each and every one of you. I know you were rushed, but I really wanted to see as many people as I could. ALSO, if you got your book signed, check out Penguin Random House Peru's Facebook page for your picture.

Fourth, can I just say how much I loved your food! You all told me that I would love it and WOW. My sister, cousin, and I kept talking about how every meal was insanely good. (I'm currently drinking green juice to make-up for all the eating I did in Peru.) My feelings for your food is best depicted in this photo:

Lomo saltado--YUM!

Fifth, I LOVE YOUR COUNTRY! As many of you know, my sister, cousin, and I went on a five day tour after my event. We went to Cusco, Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. Here are some photos of our wonderful time.


Llama selfie!

IMG_4997 IMG_5118

Sixth, there are few people I need to thank. I can only come to a festival if I'm invited by either the festival or my publisher. HUGE THANKS to the people of FIL Lima, Penguin Random House Peru, and the US Embassy in Peru for arranging my visit. Special thanks goes to my fabulous publicist, Silvia Galvez, who a) was the person responsible for inviting me to come to Peru, b) worked VERY hard while I was there and took such good care of me, and c) made sure I was fed. (VERY IMPORTANT!) Thank you, Silvia! XOXO

With Sylvia...and a plate of delicious food!

Finally, I'm still blown away by all the people who came. I really hope that I'll come back to Peru again. This visit wouldn't have possible without the support of my readers. So THANK YOU again for some of the best days of my life!


FIL Bogota events!

Hello! I'm so excited to be heading to Bogota, Colombia next month to meet my amazing readers at FIL Bogota. You can get information about the festival here. Below are details of my events while I'm in town (the festival was nice enough to send me the information in both Spanish and English). I can't wait to meet my Colombia readers! (I WILL be going to another country in South America this summer for a festival, but I can't announce those details yet.) This is a dream come true, and it wouldn't have been possible without my Colombian readers asking for me. THANK YOU! And SEE YOU SOON!!! XOXO, Elizabeth


El club de los corazones solitarios

La escritora Elizabeth Eulberg, autora de “El club de los corazones solitarios”, y la escritora colombiana Amalia Andrade, autora del libro “Uno siempre cambia el amor de su vida, por otro amor o por otra vida”, conversan sobre este entrañable y singularísimo club.

Fecha: Sábado 30 de abril

Hora: 4:00 p.m.

Lugar: Corferias, Sala Madre Josefa del Castillo

Firma de libros: Elizabeth Eulberg

Fecha: Sábado 30 de abril

Hora: 5:30 p.m.

Lugar: Corferias, stand de Random House


Carolina Andújar conversa con tres estrellas de la literatura juvenil contemporánea: Elizabeth Eulberg ("El club de los corazones solitarios"), Benjamín Alire Saenz ("Aristóteles y Dante descubren los secretos sel universo) y Leonardo Patrignani (saga "Multiverso").

Fecha: Domingo 1 de  mayo

Hora: 4.00 p.m.

Lugar: Corferias, Auditorio José Asunción Silva


The Lonely Hearts Club

American writer Elizabeth Eulberg and Colombian writer Amalia Andrade talk about Eulberg's beloved book "The Lonely Hearts Club".

Date: Saturday, April 30th Time: 4:00 p.m. Place: Corferias, Madre Josefa del Castillo Hall

Book signing: Elizabeth Eulberg

Date: Saturday April 30th

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Place: Corferias, Random House Stand


Carolina Andújar talks with three YA Novel stars: Elizabeth Eulberg ("The Lonely Hearts Club") Benjamin Alire Sáenz ("Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe"), and Leonardo Patrignani ("Multiverse" saga).

Date: Sunday, May 1st Time: 16:00 Place: Corferias, José Asunción Silva Auditorium