Just Another Girl

Just Another Girl FNL CVR.JPG

You resent her.
You can’t stand her.
You might even hate her.
But you don’t know her at all.

Hope knows there’s only one thing coming between her and her longtime crush: his girlfriend Parker. She has to sit on the sidelines and watch as the perfect girl gets the perfect boy . . . because that’s how the universe works, even though it’s so completely wrong.

Parker doesn’t feel perfect. She knows if everyone knew the truth about her, they’d never be able to get past it. So she keeps quiet. She focuses on making it through the day with her secret safe . . . even as this becomes harder and harder to do. And Hope isn’t making it any easier…

In Just Another Girl, Elizabeth Eulberg astutely and affectingly shows us how battle lines get drawn between girls–and how difficult it then becomes to see or understand the girl standing on the other side of the divide.

You think you have an enemy.
But she’s just another girl.

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“Not your typical love triangle, Just Another Girl busts open clichés to make us rethink what it means to be the girl who’s got the guy, the girl who wants the guy, and the guy who doesn’t know what he wants. Eulberg writes with huge heart, an open mind, and a delicious sense of fun.”
— E. Lockhart, New York Times bestselling author of We Were Liars

“What if everything you thought about someone was completely wrong? Eulberg’s tragicomic novel explores that question in a story of a love triangle with a hard-reality twist.”
— School Library Journal

“This quick read will appeal to fans looking for believable characters, such as those in novels by Jenny Han and Stephanie Perkins.”
— Booklist

“A thought-provoking look at judgement and friendship, it reminded us that perceptions are not always accurate, so reaching out to lend a hand is sometimes easier than it seems.”
— Justine Magazine


The seed for Just Another Girl was planted back in 2012 when I was touring for Take a Bow. I had the good fortune to do several events with author Jackson Pearce, who at the time was talking about her modern retelling of The Little MermaidFathomless. During our talks, she would mention that in the original Hans Christian Andersen version, the princess that was set to marry the price wasn’t this wicked creature portrayed in the Disney version, she was just another girl. That led me to think about all the contemporary romance love triangles we see in books, TV shows, and movies. So often the girlfriend is a mean girl, but what if she was…just another girl?

One of my favorite things as a writer is to play with different points of views and the perception we have of other people. Back in high school, I thought I knew the people that I went to school with. I grew up in a small town. My parents were very involved in the community, my mother was even my high school librarian. Years later I discovered that one friend’s parents almost got a divorce, while another lived in a trailer park. I had absolutely no idea. You really think you know somebody, but you can’t unless you spend a significant amount of time in their shoes.

Not only do I play with perception with the characters in Just Another Girl, I feel as if the book itself plays with the perception of an Elizabeth Eulberg novel. Just Another Girl starts like a lot of my books, but then I flip everything around once readers meet Parker. There’s a reason we’ve been very secretive about what Parker’s “deal” is. Mostly this is so readers can see her first through Hope’s point of view. (This is also the point where I ask readers of the book to not give away too many details online.)

I will admit that I got a little teary working on this book. I pushed myself (and got pushed by my editor) and hope that you enjoy meeting Hope and Parker. And maybe, just maybe not rush too quickly to judge somebody else.