We Can Work It Out

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When Penny Lane started The Lonely Hearts Club, the goal was simple: to show that girls didn’t need to define themselves by how guys looked at them, and didn’t have to value boyfriends over everything else. Penny thought she’d be an outcast for life . . . but then the club became far more popular than she ever imagined it would be.

But what happens when the girl who never thought she’d date a good guy suddenly finds herself dating a great one? She doesn’t need a boyfriend . . . but she wants it to work out with this particular boyfriend. And he wants it to work out with her.

Only, things keep getting in the way. Feelings keep getting hurt. Words keep getting misunderstood.

Penny Lane worked hard to declare her independence. Now she needs to figure out what to do with it — and how to balance what she wants with what everyone else wants. In We Can Work It Out, Elizabeth Eulberg returns to the world of her first novel, The Lonely Hearts Club, and gets to the heart of how hard relationships can be . . . and why they are sometimes worth all the drama and comedy they create.

We Can Work it Out is out now!

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“…the upbeat premise of girls taking charge of their own happiness rather than succumbing to the angst of mean girl drama or the pressures of teen dating is a welcome addition to young adult fiction.”
 School Library Journal

“Eulberg’s first book-length follow-up to The Lonely Hearts Club will be a delight for fans of the first book, but this sweet sequel stands alone…. This is a fun exploration of high school love and friendship.”

“[Eulberg’s] humor and supportive message are always fresh.”
– Booklist


Ever since I finished writing The Lonely Hearts Club, I’ve wanted to write a sequel. While the first book is about the importance of putting yourself and your friends first before a boy (because let’s face it, most boys are stupid), I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to Penny Lane Bloom (SPOILER ALERT!) when she did get a boyfriend who was worth it. I had an outline for a sequel for a few years, but other books kept being put under contract. Finally, I got the go ahead to start writing the sequel. I was itching to finally get back to these characters that have had such a huge impact on my life (yep, even I sometimes need to rely on the wisdom of Penny Lane!). A funny thing happened when I finally got to start writing the sequel–I froze! It was the first time I was writing a book with reader expectation. I did have to block that all from my mind and tell the story that I needed to tell. It wasn’t easy–there were lots of tears–but it was worth it. I hope you’ll agree!