Adventures in Ireland, Part 2: Dingle Peninsula and Cliffs of Moher

When we last left off on my adventures in Ireland, Chris and I finished the Ring of Kerry and were on our way to Dingle. While I loved everything I've seen so far, this was probably my favorite day. We started in the small town of Dingle, which even as my guide book said, there isn't much to do there, but it's so beautiful. We spent the prior evening listening to a traditional Irish music session, complete with some impromptu dancing (by Irish dancers, not me, while I can certainly kick it, true Irish dancing requires coordination that I clearly do not posses). The town itself is very quiet and to put it simply, adorable.

The drive around the peninsula was breathtaking. Once again, I'll leave the pictures to speak for themselves.


We refer to the above as the "before" photo since shortly after it was taken, I went exploring and ending up stepping in mud up to my ankles. My poor, poor All-Stars. I immediately went to a stream to clean them off, but alas, I fear they may not make the trip back home (on the bright side, I keep buying stuff so I need to make room somehow)!

After the Dingle Peninsula, we headed to the Cliffs of Moher. I was told that we need to have good weather to properly see the Cliffs and fortunately, Mother Nature was on our side.

Yes, all this beauty in one day. It was awe-some. And of course, we ended the evening listening to some more traditional Irish music, because that's how I roll, Irish-style.

The week wasn't over yet. Coming tomorrow: Galway and Kylemore Abbey.

XOXO, Elizabeth

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