My 2012 Reading Challenge: May reads!

Happy June, everybody! Can you believe the year is almost halfway over? Hope everybody's new years resolutions are going well. In addition to reading 50 books this year, I also want to be able to master the crow pose in yoga. It looks like this:


And today I finally was able to balance...and then fell over 1.2 seconds later. But that doesn't matter! I'm getting close. And believe me, when I finally tackle this pose, I'll get a pic and post it for the world to see. I guarantee you I won't look as good as the woman above.

I read some amazing books this May, all should be added to your Summer Reading list asap! (Click on the title for the author's webpage and description of the book.)



Anytime I'm asked about my favorite young adult authors, Ally's name is always at the top of the list. I love her books for many reasons, one is that they feature very strong female characters who don't need a guy to save them. Actually, most of the time the girl does the saving!! I've been eagerly anticipating the new Gallagher Girl book and Out of Sight, Out of Time did not disappoint - it's my favorite in the series! I'm super against spoilers and I don't think you can talk about this book without giving anything away so I'll just say this: go run out now and get this book. And if you're new to the Gallagher Girl world, start with the the first book I'd Tell You That I Love You, but Then I'd Have to Kill You. You can thank me later.  ;-)

WHEN IT HAPPENS by Susane Colasanti

I've been a huge admirer of Susane's writing for years, but I (shockingly) had never read her first novel, When it Happens. So I wanted to read it before her newest book, Keep Holding On (which is next on my t0-read list), came out. I guess I should do a full disclosure that I've been lucky to become good friends with Susane in the last couple years and she's awesome. We have a lot in common so I went into reading the book knowing that I would love it. And boy did I! Susane perfectly weaves a compelling, funny, and at times heartbreaking love story through two points of view. Each voice was unique and authentic. And believe me, it really annoyed me that this was her first book. Come on Susane, stop making the rest of us look bad!


Um, hello? A book about an all-girl rock group and boy best friend touring after graduation that has heart, surprises, and ah, Heart (the group)? This book should've been called: Written Especially for Elizabeth Eulberg. But I do agree that The Disenchantments is a better title from a marketing point of view. I loved this book right from opening lyrics of "School Days" by The Runaways. It's no secret that I LOVE MUSIC so I appreciate anybody who can capture that passion in the written form. But this is about more than just a roadtrip book, it's also about coming into your own and discovering the kind of person you want to be. Oh, and it's written from the point of a view of a boy who I now have a crush on. Hey Colby, call me! 

UNBREAK MY HEART by Melissa Walker

One of the best experiences I ever had on vacation was spending two nights on a sailboat traveling around the Whitsunday islands in Australia. So I brought along a lot of great memories when I read this book and quickly became thankful that I wasn't trapped on a boat with my family for the entire summer. But Clementine's family was the kind of family that I would want if I was a teen who had her heart broken and felt lost. I think a lot of readers can identify with beating yourself up over something, especially when you don't have a group of friends to rely on. Even with the heaviness inside Clementine's heart and head, Unbreak My Heart was in turns hopeful and healing, with a very good dose of cute boyness.  (I think I just made up a word.)

I'm now realizing that all these books are contemporary/realistic fiction. And some people think our genre is on the downswing! I'm also very excited that I'm doing events this month with Susane and Melissa so hopefully we'll see some of you out on the road. I'll try to not ask them all the questions about their amazing books and leave some for the rest of you.

16 books down, 34 to go (gulp)! Happy summer reading! Anything good on your list?

XOXO, Elizabeth