Procrastination Station

I know, I know… It’s been awhile and I’m very sorry. I was a little busy promoting The Lonely Hearts Club, finishing up the edits for Prom and Prejudice…and there is the little matter of the job I have on top of being an author! (Notice that I didn’t mention a life?)

Okay, I was able to throw in a few fun things during this time (but, shhh, don’t tell my agent!).

I recently returned from Houston where I attended the first (hopefully annual) TeenBookCon. It was a fabulous event. I’ve gone to countless events as a publicist, but to go to a conference as an author was so surreal and a lot of fun. Sharon Draper (Out of My Mind) was the keynote speaker and I was on a panel with Ms. Draper, Gayle Forman (If I Stay), Jon Skovron (Struts and Frets), Marjetta Geerling (Fancy White Trash) and Judson Roberts (The Strongbow Saga).

The fabulous group of authors at TeenBookCon

Special thanks to everybody involved in the conference, especially Blue Willow Bookshop!

Okay, I did have a bit of a life. I went on a very short trip to Charleston, South Carolina in March. My parents rented a place for the month on Foley Beach, and I visited them for a few days with a friend. It was nice to get away, plus I had issued an internet/email ban, except for emergencies (I only used it once, to figure out who an actor was in a movie we were watching -- as I said, for emergencies only). The weather wasn’t that great, but I got to relax, which was nice (despite having the Prom and Prejudice edit waiting for me at home). And most importantly, I ate a lot. My brother-in-law got me addicted to Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel, and I made my parents take us to the Hominy Grill, a restaurant featured on the show, so I could eat something called The Big Nasty.


My mom, Judith, and I saw an intersection where Elizabeth Street meets Judith Street - how could we not take a picture?

Now I’m back and the edit is (mostly) done. I SHOULD be able to blog more, although now I’m starting on my next project (it never ends, but it is a good problem to have!). While I can’t make any guarantees, I can promise that I’ll try to keep this updated more.

Hope everybody is enjoying their spring! XO, Elizabeth