Why Christmas May Come Early to Prom and Prejudice Readers

Here’s a little fun fact for those not in the publishing industry: not all books have on-sale dates.  Many have pub months.  And Prom and Prejudice is one of those books. What does this mean?  Well, Prom and Prejudice is a January pub, so the books have already started shipping to accounts to make sure they all have the book by the first of January (I won’t bore you with details on account distribution, mostly since I don’t really understand it all myself and I’ve been in publishing for over ten years!).  Some stores or online accounts might already have the book in stock.  And that’s totally okay!  Really!  Go ahead and buy a copy…or ten!

The good news is that most of you won’t have to wait until January 1st.  I, for one, am celebrating the release of Prom and Prejudice the week of December 27th since the book should be out fairly wide by then. 

So should you have a copy of Prom and Prejudice in your Christmas stocking, don’t worry, Santa didn’t break the on-sale date.  In fact, I know that’s what Santa is bringing to my family members, but shh…don’ t tell!

Happy Holidays! Elizabeth