With a Little Help From My Friends

To celebrate the start of my mini-tour (NJ, MA, NY, PA, CT, TX, MD - here I come!), I thought I'd talk about my very first event.

I’ve gone to countless author events as a publicist. But on January 8, 2010, I attended one as an AUTHOR. Crazy, huh?

Books of Wonder, a wonderful independent bookstore in Manhattan, hosted my very first event. They host fantastic publications parties with yummy treats (hello, cupcakes!).


I was a little nervous, but mostly I was embarrassed. People who know me find that hard to believe because I am NOT a shy person. As my editor, David Levithan, introduced me, I quickly realized that I’m much more comfortable at the side of the event instead of in front of the crowd.

Reading from Chapter 3

It was also surreal to be standing in front of so many people in my life, many who played a huge part in the publication of my book: from providing stories of boys gone stupid to being my early readers, from doing my hair and make-up for my author photo to designing my website. I had friends from my childhood, college, post-college, work, even my friends from the gym came. My friend Sarah flew from Minnesota to attend! In college, Sarah and I studied abroad in London. While there, we took a Beatles walking tour and posed for a photo that might look familiar to some of you.

On THE Abbey Road back in 1996.  From l-r: Kurstin, Jen (without shoes like Paul!), me and Sarah

My college buddies now: Jen, Kurstin, Sasha (Kurstin's sister) and Sarah

I also made some new friends at the event. Yes, there were even people who didn’t personally know me who came as, um, fans? It’s weird to think that I might have fans. I prefer to think of people who attend my events as friends. And I was so happy to make some new friends that night.

I did a brief talk, read an excerpt and then signed some books. One of my authors told me that I need contact all the authors I’ve worked with and apologize to them because now I’ve experienced all of the things I forced upon them. I would push so many books on my authors and never paid attention to whether or not all the signing hurt their hand. So I felt incredibly guilty when my hand started hurting. Then I got over it – having your hand hurt because you signed so many books is a GOOD thing!

Signing some books (notice the cupcake I have saved for a treat for when I finished!)

With MY publicist (I still giggle that I have a publicist), the fabulous Sheila Marie Everett at Scholastic!

After the event, my friends and I went to a karaoke place. I got a private room and we had a blast. And for those of you who have read the book, David and I kicked off the night by singing (what else?) “A Little Help From My Friends."

Thanks so much to everybody who turned out. And for those of you in the Northeast and Texas, be sure to check out my upcoming events listed under the EVENTS tab. I hope to see you there and make even more new friends!

XOXO, Elizabeth