Friday's Favorite: OK Go

Ah, Friday’s Favorite… I remember back in January when I thought that I could write about something that I really enjoy (be it a book, movie, tv, etc.) each Friday.  Oh, sweet, naïve, hopeful Elizabeth…

But what’s that saying? Better every 8 months than never?  Something like that…

Tonight, I will be seeing OK Go for the fifth time in concert, making them the band I have seen the most live.  Hmmm, I wonder how they’ll celebrate…

I LOVE OK Go, and I’ve loved them since their eponymous debut album, long before the infamous “treadmill” video.  Their music is rockin’ good fun, they are amazing live and yes, they do create the most unbelievable videos.

If you’re thinking, “Huh, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them…” you probably have.  Just click here:  Look familiar?  That’s because the video for “Here It Goes Again” is still one of the most viewed videos ever on the internet, for good reason. Genius.

For those new to OK Go, I present to you my OK Go favorites:

Favorite song to play on the guitar: “Do What You Want” Favorite song to work out to (especially if you’re in a bad mood): “Get Over It”

Favorite video (and favorite song off the new album): “This Too Shall Pass”

Second favorite song off the new album (and current single): “White Knuckles”

Favorite non-music video: “Danimal vs. Animal” (OK Go AND the Muppets?  LOVE IT!)

See what I mean about the videos?  (Plus, most of them are one take, which makes it even more extraordinary).  And they are truly a fun band to see live.  I have never left an OK Go show in a bad mood, or with much of a voice.  They’ve got a few dates left on their tour, so if they are coming to a city near you, check them out ( – you will not be disappointed!

Hugs ‘n kisses!  Elizabeth