Blog, Blog, Blog...

Hi everyone! While I've not been blogging on my site, I wanted to share with you some blogs I've done recently for the fabulous website Eve's Fan Garden.

The Power of a Penny (Lane):

For any aspiring writers out there: It's Just Me (the Publicist) against Me (the Author):

And  in honor of Banned Book Week: My Mother, the Banned-Book-Loving-Librarian:

I'm happy to report that I finished the first draft of my next novel (this would be novel #3) this weekend.  Now I just need to do about twelve rounds of revisions before sending to my editor, but I believe in celebrating every step!

And after a concert-free September, I've already seen Belle and Sebastian and Tired Pony last week (both AMAZING).  Upcoming conerts this month: Broken Bells, Phoenix, OK Go and Frightened Rabbit.  I'm so excited to go out and enjoy some live music again!

I have a feeling October is going to be an awesome month.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll even be able to post a blog or two here (there's an idea!). ;)

Sending you all a big hug!