Pre-order WE CAN WORK IT OUT for FREE Lonely Hearts Club items!

**UPDATE: Since We Can Work it Out is FINALLY out (HOORAY!), the pre-order campaign is over, HOWEVER, Books and Company has a bunch of signed books, stickers, and buttons leftover so you can still get a signed book, it just won't be personalized!** Hello everybody!

I can't believe we're less than two months away from the release of WE CAN WORK IT OUT (coming January 27th!)! I'm very excited to announce that I've teamed up with the fabulous independent bookstore Books and Company in Oconomowoc, WI to give you awesome goodies if you pre-order a copy of WE CAN WORK IT OUT!


Not only will you get a SIGNED, PERSONALIZED copy of WE CAN WORK IT OUT if you pre-order through Books and Company, you'll also receive a Lonely Hearts Club button AND three different Lonely Hearts Club stickers!

HOW TO PRE-ORDER: Click here or you can call (262) 567-0106. International shipping available to some areas (contact the store for more details).

AND! If you happen to be in Wisconsin, I'll be celebrating the release of WE CAN WORK IT OUT at Books and Company on January 27th at 6:30 along with one of my favorite authors (and people) Ally Carter! If you aren't in the area, be sure to check out my EVENTS page regularly for more events this spring!

XOXO, Elizabeth

The Lonely Hearts Club FREE short stories!

Hello lovely readers! As much as I'm bummed that summer is over, this does mean that we're getting closer to January 27, 2015 when We Can Work it Out will be released. Don't want to wait until then to return to the world of Penny Lane Bloom? You don't have to! As some of you may recall from from The Lonely Hearts Club sequel announcement, I also mentioned that there will be THREE FREE e-short stories. The first one, A Hard Day's Night, is coming out in just four weeks--AND it includes a sneak peek of We Can Work it Out!

Below are the adorable covers for the books as well as a little description of each (please note, a big SPOILER ALERT if you haven't read The Lonely Hearts Club).  These three short stories will be available wherever e-books are sold. And again, they're FREE!! Don't have an eReader? No problem! The short stories will also be available on the This is Teen Facebook page. I'll be posting links to the stories on Twitter, so be sure to follow me there.

 A HARD DAY'S NIGHT -- Coming October 1, 2014 

Hard Days Night

Penny Lane Bloom, founder of The Lonely Hearts Club, has never loved Halloween. Her dad's a dentist, so she's never been allowed much in the way of candy. And forget being a witch or a ghost or a superhero--Penny is always one of the Beatles, along with the rest of her family.

But this year, she's got the Club, and the support of an amazing group of girls who all have each other's backs. So when someone tries to ruin Halloween for one member, the Club sets out to prove revenge is a dish best served en masse.

PLUS! A Hard Day's Night will have the FIRST chapter from We Can Work it Out!

TWO OF US -- Coming November 1, 2014

Two of Us 

Penny Lane Bloom founded The Lonely Hearts Club, which means that she basically doesn’t date. She’s got her awesome girls to hang out with, she’s got her hilarious (and sometimes annoying) family, she’s working towards high grades to get into a great college--she’d never give up any of that to be with a boy.

But (SPOILER ALERT!) all of a sudden, the rules of the Club have changed and Penny’s not only allowed to date--she’s going out with Ryan Bauer, longtime friend, all-around amazing guy, and her best friend Diane’s ex-boyfriend. It’s not like Penny hasn’t been on plenty of first dates before, and it’s not like she hasn’t seen Ryan practically every day for years…so could someone please let the butterflies in her stomach know it’s okay to calm down?

PLUS! Two of Us will have the SECOND chapter from We Can Work it Out!

FROM ME TO YOU -- Coming December 1, 2014!

From Me to You

Four months ago, Penny Lane Bloom was heartbroken over a guy, had only a small handful of close friends, and was sure that, somehow, this year was going to be different.

Four months later, everything has changed. Penny’s gone from a few friends to a huge group of girls who all have each other’s backs, from a guy who thought nothing of cheating to a total sweetheart, and from the idea for The Lonely Hearts Club to a full-scale girls-rock revolution. Just think how much more she’ll be able to accomplish by the end of the school year! And it’s the holidays, which means Penny has two blissful weeks to spend eating cheese fries with her girls and kissing Ryan. The only thing she still has to do…is survive Christmas with her family.

PLUS! From Me to You will have the THIRD chapter from We Can Work it Out!

Lots of Penny Lane Bloom to come this fall AND on January 27th! I'm so fortunate that I was able to return to these characters and hope you enjoy reading these new stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

XOXO, Elizabeth

P.S. - My dear foreign language readers, I don't have any information on release dates in other countries for the short stories, but you WILL be able to read the English one. When I do have any idea on dates for foreign countries (including when We Can Work it Out will be available), I'll share it!


Dear readers, I’m beyond excited that I can finally shout it from the rooftops: I'M WRITING A SEQUEL TO THE LONELY HEARTS CLUBS!!! It was announced today in Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf:

David Levithan at Scholastic has purchased North American rights to Elizabeth Eulberg's We Can Work It Out, a sequel to The Lonely Hearts Club. In addition, Eulberg will write three short stories about Penny Lane Bloom to be released online prior to the sequel, in which Penny Lane must balance her role as leader of The Lonely Hearts Club with having a boyfriend – with the added complications of her Beatles-obsessed parents trying to take over her sister's wedding and a run-in with the ex that broke her heart. Publication is planned for spring 2015; Rosemary Stimola at Stimola Literary Studio brokered the deal.  

For months I’ve had to bite my tongue and say things like, “Well hopefully someday I’ll write the sequel…” when in fact I’ve been working on it! Now I don’t have to hide this awesome news anymore. YAY!

But I also know this announcement might raise some questions, so I’m going to do my best to answer them.

Why do we have to wait until Spring 2015? That’s so far off!

Yes, it is. But I’m still writing the book. I’ve been waiting years to be able to tell the continuing story of Penny Lane Bloom and her Lonely Hearts Club so I want to take my time writing the book that my wonderful readers deserve. Plus, you don’t have to wait that long for another book by me: Better Off Friends is coming February 25th!

Three short stories? What does that mean? What will they be about?

I’m writing three original short stories that will be published electronically FOR FREE prior to the release of We Can Work it Out. I can’t say much about the stories yet (since I haven’t written them!), but will announce more details when I can.

I live outside the US, when will I get to read We Can Work it Out and the short stories?

Here’s the short answer: I don’t know.

Here’s the long answer: I’m still writing the book. This is basically how foreign releases work: The author writes the book and works with her editor, then the book is shared with foreign publishers who decide if they want to publish the book and when it will be published. I’m really hoping the foreign publishers of The Lonely Hearts Club will want We Can Work it Out (and the short stories), but it isn’t up to me. As soon as I have information on foreign release dates, I’ll share it, but it won’t be for awhile as I’m still writing the book (do you see a theme here?). 


I know. But don’t forget about BETTER OFF FRIENDS! Which has an awesome new-ish cover! (Foreign release dates for Better Off Friends to be announced when I get them, but it will be out in Spanish and German languages with others hopefully to follow.)

Better Off Friends front

That’s all I can really say on THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB SEQUEL at this point. There’ll be much more information closer to the release date.

I do want to thank all of you who have asked me about a sequel over the years. It’s been a dream of mine to write it, and I wouldn’t be able to do it without the support you’ve given me and Penny Lane these past few years. Thank you for wanting me to write more – I’ve got the best job in the world and it’s because of readers like you.

Now back to writing We Can Work it Out! Believe me when I say Penny needs my help…

XOXO, Elizabeth

A note of thanks...

Three years ago today my first book, The Lonely Hearts Club, was published. I really had no idea back then how much my life would change. My fourth book is coming out in March (click here to read an excerpt from Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality), I'm writing my fifth book, and will be celebrating my two year anniversary of being a full-time author in February. Never would I have believed any of those things would be possible. Ever.

I wake-up every morning grateful that I get to have the best job in the world. I know how fortunate I am and never take it for granted. I have no idea how long I'll be able to write full-time (it's not the most stable of jobs) so I realize what a gift every day is. None of this would be possible without you, dear reader. I'm always overwhelmed that people would not only read one of my books, but actually like it! Hearing from readers and getting to meet you is the best part of this job. I often get thanked by readers for writing a book, but I wouldn't be able to write books unless there was an audience to write for (true, I'd still write, but I'm only published because people buy my books!).

So thank you for reading, thank you for retweeting, liking, blogging, etc. Thank you for letting this girl fulfill a dream that seemed insane only a few years ago. I'm aware that the only reason I get to do this is because of you. And I'll always be grateful for that.

With much love and thanks, Elizabeth

P.S. - For those Lonely Hearts Club fans out there, I have posted outtakes from the book where you can read here and here.