The Lonely Hearts Club FREE short stories!

Hello lovely readers! As much as I'm bummed that summer is over, this does mean that we're getting closer to January 27, 2015 when We Can Work it Out will be released. Don't want to wait until then to return to the world of Penny Lane Bloom? You don't have to! As some of you may recall from from The Lonely Hearts Club sequel announcement, I also mentioned that there will be THREE FREE e-short stories. The first one, A Hard Day's Night, is coming out in just four weeks--AND it includes a sneak peek of We Can Work it Out!

Below are the adorable covers for the books as well as a little description of each (please note, a big SPOILER ALERT if you haven't read The Lonely Hearts Club).  These three short stories will be available wherever e-books are sold. And again, they're FREE!! Don't have an eReader? No problem! The short stories will also be available on the This is Teen Facebook page. I'll be posting links to the stories on Twitter, so be sure to follow me there.

 A HARD DAY'S NIGHT -- Coming October 1, 2014 

Hard Days Night

Penny Lane Bloom, founder of The Lonely Hearts Club, has never loved Halloween. Her dad's a dentist, so she's never been allowed much in the way of candy. And forget being a witch or a ghost or a superhero--Penny is always one of the Beatles, along with the rest of her family.

But this year, she's got the Club, and the support of an amazing group of girls who all have each other's backs. So when someone tries to ruin Halloween for one member, the Club sets out to prove revenge is a dish best served en masse.

PLUS! A Hard Day's Night will have the FIRST chapter from We Can Work it Out!

TWO OF US -- Coming November 1, 2014

Two of Us 

Penny Lane Bloom founded The Lonely Hearts Club, which means that she basically doesn’t date. She’s got her awesome girls to hang out with, she’s got her hilarious (and sometimes annoying) family, she’s working towards high grades to get into a great college--she’d never give up any of that to be with a boy.

But (SPOILER ALERT!) all of a sudden, the rules of the Club have changed and Penny’s not only allowed to date--she’s going out with Ryan Bauer, longtime friend, all-around amazing guy, and her best friend Diane’s ex-boyfriend. It’s not like Penny hasn’t been on plenty of first dates before, and it’s not like she hasn’t seen Ryan practically every day for years…so could someone please let the butterflies in her stomach know it’s okay to calm down?

PLUS! Two of Us will have the SECOND chapter from We Can Work it Out!

FROM ME TO YOU -- Coming December 1, 2014!

From Me to You

Four months ago, Penny Lane Bloom was heartbroken over a guy, had only a small handful of close friends, and was sure that, somehow, this year was going to be different.

Four months later, everything has changed. Penny’s gone from a few friends to a huge group of girls who all have each other’s backs, from a guy who thought nothing of cheating to a total sweetheart, and from the idea for The Lonely Hearts Club to a full-scale girls-rock revolution. Just think how much more she’ll be able to accomplish by the end of the school year! And it’s the holidays, which means Penny has two blissful weeks to spend eating cheese fries with her girls and kissing Ryan. The only thing she still has to do…is survive Christmas with her family.

PLUS! From Me to You will have the THIRD chapter from We Can Work it Out!

Lots of Penny Lane Bloom to come this fall AND on January 27th! I'm so fortunate that I was able to return to these characters and hope you enjoy reading these new stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.

XOXO, Elizabeth

P.S. - My dear foreign language readers, I don't have any information on release dates in other countries for the short stories, but you WILL be able to read the English one. When I do have any idea on dates for foreign countries (including when We Can Work it Out will be available), I'll share it!