The Lonely Hearts Club - outtake

Once again, I must apologize for being MIA on my blog.  I'd like to be able to say with confidence that I'll be able to blog more, but alas, between working on my next novel (yep, that would be novel #3!!!) and well...working, I don't really have a lot of time or mental capacity to blog.  HOWEVER, I did want to give you all a little treat: an outtake from The Lonely Hearts Club.

In editing the book, a few scenes were trimmed and the one scene that made me a little sad to cut involves Penny's parents.  The below scene would have taken place on page 118 of the book as the girls leave the Bloom house for Homecoming.  As you'll see, the below doesn't really advance the plot any, but it still makes me giggle.  Oh, those crazy Blooms!

You may also notice that the below is in present tense, while the novel is in past tense.  We changed the tense in the editing process and this scene was cut before that.  Also, this scene was never copyedited.

Enjoy! XOXO, Elizabeth

“Perfect, perfect…” Dad takes the millionth photo of us in the living room.  “Now we just need you kids to take one more shot before you go.”

“Dad, you promised,” I protest.  I can’t believe they’re going to humiliate me.

“Now Penny Lane, it’s a family tradition.”

Yes, one that I’d prefer to keep a secret.

Mom comes from the basement with a full size Beatles standee and maneuvers it to the center of the room.  That standee has been present in all important Bloom family photos.  Lucy’s adamant it stays home for her wedding, but I have a feeling she's going to lose that argument.

“All right, gather around the boys.”

I close my eyes and pray that this won’t get around school.  Luckily everybody seems to be taking this in stride, Morgan has her leg wrapped around George and Amy’s pretending to be kissing Paul.  I reluctantly go over and get in the photo.

“So Dr. Bloom," says Tracy, "are we supposed to say ‘Shoo Shoo Shamu’ or something about a whale?”

Dad laughs, “No, it’s ‘goo goo g’joob’ and it’s from the song ‘I Am the Walrus.’”

“Oh right.” Like Tracy hasn’t heard that a million times before.

“Okay, here we go,” Dad points the camera to us.  “You all look beautiful, now one two, ‘goo goo g’joob’” as he presses the button.

“Are we done now?” I ask impatiently.

Dad walks over and plants a kiss on my cheek.  “Oh, try to humor your old pops.”  He looks a little concerned for a second and then leans in, “So kiddo, do you think you might want to wear a shawl or something?”

I shake my head, it’s not that cold outside.

“Oh Dave” mom starts to open the door for us.  “She has breasts, get over it.”

I think I’m going to die.